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Patient Partner Engagement in Research

Patients and their representatives (e.g., caregivers or family members) provide invaluable feedback and make decisions that improve the relevance and meaning of research. Ongoing patient and patient partner engagement positively shapes all stages of the research process - through the study's preparation, execution, and translation.

The Toolkit on Patient Partner Engagement in Research (TOPPER) is a collection of materials designed to support the creation and ongoing engagement of patients and patient partners in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research. 

Risk of Readmission

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Does your patient reside in a neighborhood that puts them at higher risk for readmission?

Enter a 5- or 9-digit ZIP code below to look up whether your patient resides in a neighborhood with a higher risk of readmission.

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For additional information, please see the Area Deprivation Index Toolkit. Note that due to dataset limitations, some ZIP codes are unavailable.