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COMPASS Module Download

Please complete the information below to download the toolkit.
*Please note that we will contact you about once a year to ask whether and how you are using the toolkit materials.  This information is required by our funders and will be used to support enhancements to the toolkit over time.   Thank you.

Use of the Toolkit

The C-TraC toolkit exists for the benefit of the health care community. These materials are available free of charge and can be used without permission; however, we ask that you register with HIPxChange prior to using the toolkit so that we may provide information on usage to our funders. It is acceptable to link to this Web site without express permission. If you decide to use these materials, we ask that you please credit the Madison VA Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers C-TraC program and the UW Health Innovation Program.

If you have questions about the C-TraC program or toolkit, please contact us at

Citation: Kind AJH. The Department of Veterans Affairs Coordinated-Transitional Care (C-TraC) Program Toolkit. Madison, WI: Madison VA Geriatric Research and Clinical Centers (GRECC) and the UW Health Innovation Program; 2012. Available from:

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